ATG Dynamo DRP Hung threads solution

June 19th, 2007

What is a DRP Thread?
DRP stands for Distribution and Replication Protocol. It is the protocol for communication between an HTTP server (Web server) and an application Server (ATG). When a user clicks on a link or summits a form in his/her web browser, that information or the “request” is sent to a webserver. The webserver examines the request and determines if it needs to pass on the request to the application server. If it does need to pass the request, it uses the DRP protocol to send the message. Inside the application server when it receives a request, it starts a DRP thread to handle the request. That thread performs the necessary actions, and returns the response to the webserver, which then returns the response to the user’s browser.

Why do they get Hung?
The main reason the threads hang is because it can not finish the request in a timely manner. If your data needs continuously updating, some of queries loose efficiency because their execution paths over time need to be re-analyzed. Over the last couple years we have seen this in several of our queries.

Since we have a set number of available DRP threads (40 in our case), when they are all hanging, the application server is no longer able to serve requests.

This problem is an Enterprise problem. This means all ATG applications run into this problem, if the queries don’t return.

The solution to the problem.

The solution is to first monitor and identify DRP hung threads, send email regarding their hung status, and then kill them before they can do damage. This solution requires a monitor running inside the application server that will periodically take an inventory of the running DRP threads. When a thread age reaches a predetermined threshold, it will be terminated, and information about the terminated thread will be sent to a predetermined email for evaluation.

The following are the control inputs for the DRPThread Monitor stored in a property file. The property file is loaded upon startup.

This tells the monitor to auto-start.
threadMonitorAutoStart = true

This is how often it checks the DRP threads
threadMonitorWaitInterval = 5000

This is percent of DRP threads in use before checking threshold
threadMonitorThreshold= 80

This is the Age limit of threads. When the age limit is surpassed
thresholdAgeLimit = 300000

This is the max age of any thread. A thread over this age is killed
maxThreadAge= 1800000

List of email address sent notifications when a DRP thread is killed
emailNotificationList =

Pseudo Code

1. Application server starts up
2. Starts DRP Monitor

a. If threadMonitorAutoStart = true, then monitor continues to start up, else it stops.
b. Loop until forced stop

    i. Check DRP server
    1. percent active thread > threadMonitorThreshold && age of thread > thresholdAgeLimit) || age of thread > maxThreadAge then
    a. Email info about hung thread
    b. Kill thread
    ii. Sleep threadMonitorWaitInterval

Code Sample

while (!forcedStop) {

try {

RequestServerHandler handlers[] = drpServer.getRequestHandlers();

int activeCount = drpServer.getActiveHandlerCount();

double percentActive = (activeCount/handlers.length) *100.0;

for (int i = 0; i < handlers.length; i++) {

if (handlers[i] instanceof DrpServerConnection) {

DrpServerConnection connection = (DrpServerConnection) handlers[i];
if (connection.getHandlingRequest()) {

if ((percentActive> threadMonitorThreshold && connection.getCurrentRequestTime() > thresholdAgeLimit) ||connection.getCurrentRequestTime() > maxThreadAge)
logger.debug(“killing:” + connection);

String path = connection.getCurrentRequestPathInfo();
long time = connection.getCurrentRequestTime();


Mail mail = new Mail();
mail.postMail(emailNotificationList,”DRP Thread Killed”, “Path:” +path +”\n”
+”Time:” +time+”\n”,””);
logger.debug(“emailing:” + emailNotificationList);

} catch (Exception ex)

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    Hi Ive been searching this kind of solution, as far as I googled it its the only site has the total solution.

    I have a question though, How do I compile or have this DRPThread Monitor in place? Maybe you can help me a little on this kind of scenario, thank you

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