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February 23rd, 2010

Listen to Dave Ramsay and follow his baby steps.


To solve Stale Connection issues in datasource

January 19th, 2010

To solve StaleConnection issue in datasource configured at WAS level please do the following:

• Enable pre-test SQL string for that data source
• Place SQL string as “SELECT 1 FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1” for DB2 and “SELECT 1 FROM DUAL” for Oracle

The above said properties will be present in Connection pool properties in WAS – Admin Console .

NOTE: This will be valid and holds GOOD ONLY if the datasource is ConnectionPoolDataSource implementation .

Latest Stock Picks for 5/16/2009

October 15th, 2009

Buy tomorrow morning
Buy at 3:00pm EST

When to buy Stocks

September 27th, 2009
  1. P & F Buy signal and Aroon
  2. 3 month History consistent growth > 10%
  3. 6 month History consistent growth > 30%
  4. Sector is Strong
  5. Williams %,CCI, and Money Flow 3 month view says Buy
  6. 4 – 1 win loss Ratio
  7. exit plan established

Slow PC? Easy way to make your PC faster for Free using msconfig

February 23rd, 2009

1. From start menu click run
2. Then type msconfig
3. click on the startup
4. disable all the programs you recognize and you don’t need.
5. Don’t worry when your computer reboots this program will automatically start, so you can turn on anything that was a mistake .

Upgrading WordPress

November 19th, 2008

1. Deactivate Plugins
2. Back up DB
mysqldump -u[username] -p[password] –opt datanamename > databasename.sql

3. copy wordpress folder
cp wordpress

4. download latest wordpress and extract

5. delete wordpress folder
rm -rf wordpress

4. upload new word press folder

6. Run upgrade program

You will have to create a new wp-config.php file during upgrade,
Look at your old config file for the correct settings.


7. Go to admin screen and set the theme to the default theme

8. View site.

9 Copy over Themes

cp* wordpress/wp-content/themes

10. Copy over Plugins

cp* wordpress/wp-content/plugins

11. Set theme to normal theme

12. Activate Plugins.

13. Edit wordpress config file
and change the following variables to something complicated.
here are some examples
define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘:dr+ytru%/5V4sAUG-gg%aS*v;&xGhd%{YKC^Z7KKGh j>k[.Nf$y7iGKytutrdJ3c*[Kr5Bg');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'TufWOuA _.t>#+hA?^|3RfGTm>@*+S=8ytruytu\"\'+\"}] define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'Styut~AACm4h1;T^\"qW3_8Zv!Ji=y|)~5i63JI |Al[(

If this does not work to put things back..

1. Remove wordpress folder
rm -rf wordpress
2 Copy saved wordpress folder back
cp wordpress
3. drop database using PhpMyadmin
4. Reload database
mysql -u[user] -p[password] datanamename < databasename.sql

Migrating Websites with databases

November 18th, 2008

1. Create ‘table’ folder on old website.

2. Sql dump all databases

cd …/’table’
mysqldump -u[username] -p[password] –opt datanamename > databasename.sql

3. FTP all files/folders to local PC

4. Create new folder “sitename” on new site

4.5 add domain name

6. FTP all the files to new site in sitename folder

7. create new database in phpmyadmin

8. on new site in tables folder sql load all databases
mysql -u[username] -p[password] datanamename < databasename.sql

9. check database in phpmyadmin

10. change password in on config files

11. Test Website.

12. change the DNS settings for site

Closing a Project

June 16th, 2008


    Project Management Plan
    Contract Document
    Enterprise Environment Factors
    Organization Process Assets
    Work performance information

Tools and Techniques

    Project Management Methodology
    Project Management Information System
    Expert Judgment


    Administrative Closure Procedure
    Contract Closure Procedure
    Final Product, Service, or Result
    Organizational Process assets updates

Developing a Project Scope Statement

June 12th, 2008

Benefits for developing a project scope statement.

  1. A common under standing among team and stakeholders
  2. A reference for judging success
  3. A baseline


  1. Organizational process assets
  2. Project charter
  3. Preliminary project scope statement
  4. Project scope management plan
  5. Approved change requests

Tools and Techniques

  1. Product Analysis
  2. Alternative Identification
  3. Expert Judgment
  4. Stakeholder Analysis


  1. Detailed Project Scope statement
  2. Requested changes
  3. Project Scope Management Plan updates

Developing a Scope Management Plan

June 12th, 2008

Scope Planning:


  1. Establish a common understanding
  2. Describe Project Deliverables
  3. Measure Project Performance


  1. Enterprise environmental factors – anything internal or external that affects the project
  2. Process assets
  3. Project Charter
  4. Preliminary Score Statement

Tools and Techniques

  1. Expert Judgment
  2. Templates, Forms, and Standards


  1. Project Scope Management Plan

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